Why Not Learn Auto Body Repair DIY



If you have a passion for restoring or refurbishing a vehicle to its pristine, original condition and take pride in your work, then learn auto body repair.
Yes, you can definitely do this, but only if you learn from the best!
If you’re going to learn to repair, might as well learn how to paint a car or vehicle too. Seems like these two go hand in hand, sort of like a two-fer-one.
Maybe you have no intentions of opening a body shop and just want to be able to maintain and repair your own vehicle to save money. That’s ok too.


Either way, this site will give you information you need to know whether you go into business or just do it as a hobby. You can learn auto body repair and paint in the privacy of your home. How cool is that!
However, if having your very own body shop is something you’d love to do now or in the future, check out some very important information you need to know here.
There are a number of auto body repair schools out there, however they are pretty expensive. Why not learn this trade online, save money and get trained by the best?
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Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) Video


I’m sure you’ve heard of PDR or Paintless Dent Removal or Repair. It’s a term that’s used to describe a type of auto body repair technology using various techniques to remove dents and dings from a motor vehicle, without having to paint the dented area.


PDR is really kind of an amazing technique that’s been around for awhile but has only taken off in popularity in the past few years.


Everybody who’s interested in learning auto body repair seems to be wanting to learn how to perfect PDR. And why not? Removing a dent without having to paint the vehicle is certainly a great technique every auto body person (male or female) would like to have.

Here’s a video on a paintless dent removal technique that you might find helpful.

How about this one. It’s PDR using two hairdryers on a damaged Prius bumper.


You probably haven’t seen this. It’s removing a dent with, guess what … 🙂

If you can’t wait to get auto body training and learn paintless dent removal or PDR (and NOT with popcorn), click this link and check this out.